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If you have a new username, tell me what I would know you as! Comment away guys!!
A guy on Pokemon amino accused me of stealing from him, but I didn't. You guys know I wouldn't. I was stupid enough to have my name on there as RoarinStar, so guys, I beg of you, if they find me here too, please don't believe them. I can't lose you guys too.
I love you guys.
Trigger warning, please don't read if it upsets you.....
I'm sorry, everyone. I'm sorry I'm such a shitty excuse for a human being. I really am. I deal with my depression so poorly, my first response is always to reach for the blades. But of course I never go through, I'm too much of a coward to give myself the pain I deserve. I can't deal with this shit anymore. It hurts. Every day is torture. I'll never be taken seriously as a man, especially not a gay man. I mean, why couldn't I just be happy as a straight girl, right? I'm a fucking boy. I'm sorry I didn't know when I was little. I have no one, everyone who was supposed to care about me left. Not a single person off of this website would give a fuck whether I live or die. 
A few nights ago, I was on the verge of doing the unthinkable and the piece of shit I used to call a friend told me to leave him alone so he could sleep.
So that's what I mean to people.
No one wants me, I'm just the trash everyone else threw away. 
I know, I know, who would give a shit about an annoying faggot anyways?
Who would ever love a boy who doesn't have a dick?
No one.
Also, Ruby, if you see this, please don't tell me to try harder. I've been trying for years, and nothing's changed. I know you're trying to help, and I appreciate it. Unfortunately though, I'm better off away from everyone, being eaten alive by the monster that depression is.
I need help. I'm not afraid to admit it. 
Unfortunately the mask I put up is too strong, so strong that no one believes that I'm dying inside.
I'm sorry. I'm just sorry, everyone.
It's RoarinStar. I haven't posted anything yet but hopefully that will change! ^.^
Trigger warning for this journal, I don't want to hurt you guys....
Okay. Lately I haven't been posting, even though I have prepaid commissions to do. 
A while ago, a deviant by the name of Thongchan commissioned me, and paid first. I bought an adopt with some of the points, and fully planned on finishing the commission.
But, for a long time, my depression's been demolishing me.
I never finished the commission.
I thought I would feel more comfortable writing a yaoi since I'm gay, so I accepted a commission from Hetabee to pay back Thongchan to make sure I didn't scam her.
Well, things got bad really quickly for me. 
I tried to come out again, because even though I thought I had, clearly I needed to explain it again.
It didn't work.
I was invalidated over and over again and had the shit kicked out of me verbally. I can barely survive though a single day anymore, imagine trying to finish a commission. 
I believe that I'd be better off dead. I can't leave though, I have friends I couldn't leave behind like that.
Everyone who was supposed to care about me turned on me. Only one of my friends in real life stays around me and puts up with me. The other night, I wrote a suicide note in French, because it's easier for me to speak my mind in French than in English. I sent it to a friend who doesn't want to talk to me, and he didn't acknowledge it. 
I'm sorry to everyone I've let down. Note me for my kik if you want to talk.
And don't worry about me right now, I'm still here.
I'm still a shitty friend though. 
I love you guys.
If you have a new username, tell me what I would know you as! Comment away guys!!


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Name: Roarin/Stormy/Benji
Age: *cough*
Gender: Male
~Gay Pride Stamp by AriaGrill~Boys Love 7 SPIRIT DAY by Ajvonka~Mambostuck Eridan by SkaianAngel~
~trans FTM  buttom by Paradox-pony~
...................../..../ /
..........''...\.......... _.·´

PRICES: wolf/fox sketch: 3 :points: colored wolf/fox: 6 :points: human sketch: 5 :points: colored human: 10 :points:
1 WEEK ART SLAVE: 50 :points:
Flipnote page:…
Quotev page:
Skype: Note me!
Kik: Note me!
Twitter: phallic_acid
FurAffinity: RoarinStar
Twin Sissys: :iconaustriassoul: :iconcountrypup17:
Big Bruder: :iconkingsshade:
I'd love to add some people, so hit me up! :D
My favorite mofos ever: :iconaustriassoul: :iconcountrypup17: :iconjojoleopard: :iconkingsshade: :iconreubenharvey: :iconhisbride07: :iconderpyinsanity: :iconhushpuppi: :iconnotester82:
The heroes that put up with my sorry ass in real life, whom I love <3: :iconlittleitalykagamine: :icongyroro: :iconprussiaaustria2018: :iconvocaloid223: :iconsnowtiger111: :iconapocalyptichome: :icontheavengerfangirl: :icongramparome2018: :iconnine-headedhydra: :icontyrex00: :icondeaththekid2018: :iconsomthingoriginal2018: :iconcreepwolf919:

RP PAGE: :iconburghofcastellia:


Sup, deviantART. I'm Roarin. I'm an American trans guy, and a truly awkward person ^-^" I loooooove Pokemon and... Idk. Just talk to me to find out! I love you guys <3


Ampharos by CreepyJellyfishScyther by CreepyJellyfishGlaceon by CreepyJellyfish
Ninetales by CreepyJellyfishFeraligatr by CreepyJellyfishDragonair by CreepyJellyfish

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Lucario by CreepyJellyfishGardevoir by CreepyJellyfishGoodra by CreepyJellyfish

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Lilligant by CreepyJellyfishEmolga by CreepyJellyfishTranquill by CreepyJellyfish
Duosion by CreepyJellyfishScolipede by CreepyJellyfishCubchoo by CreepyJellyfish

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